“Turning your dreams into goals and your goals into a reality.”

Bright Minds Academy aims to promote chess in communities and schools alike; teaching people of all ages how to play, how to improve and what it’s like to be a chess player.

“It’s more than just a chess school, it goes way beyond those boundaries. You will learn about patience, focus, social skills, the element of competition and of course, strategy [and problem solving].”

The academy will host group sessions in a chess studio on Saturday’s – 2hrs each. These sessions include:

  1. A booklet with activities and lesson material
  2. Refreshments
  3. An instructive/interactive lecture by WIM Jesse February
  4. Chess history crash courses!
  5. Learning about the masters of today
  6. Matches against fellow members
  7. Tournament practice
  8. Making new friends!
  9. Guest lectures from masters around the world
  10. Information about current tournaments, touring opportunities and how to get involved

I have divided up the group sessions as follows:
this can be used as a guide upon selecting which session suits you best!

  • Rookie – 0-1000 rating (Coming soon!)
    Learning about the board, names of pieces, how to move them and more!
  • Intermediate(10-12pm)– 1000-1300 rating (Available)
    Preventing opening traps, learning about tactical motives and basic principles of the opening and middle game
    Identifying Patterns: including Pins, Forks, Skewers etc
    Match practice
  • Advanced(2-4pm)– 1300 -1500 rating (Available)
    Primary focus: Opening and tournament preparation – including
    History lessons and learning about the current elite players
    Building on essential endgame knowledge
  • Master – 1500+ (Coming soon!)
    Focus on refining play with game analysis and instructive endgame study and visualisation

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